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Album "Russia. One day in the life"

2020. Russia. Moscow. 


"ONE DAY in the LIFE of RUSSIA" is a national documentary photo project about the life of Russia in one day, implemented on September 22, 2017.

The author of the project is "Cultural project RUSS PRESS PHOTO"(Moscow).

Leading Russian photographers and Amateur photographers from all over the country were involved in the photo shoot, which made it possible to reflect the image of the country not only professionally and highly artistic, but also on an unprecedented scale.
As a result, in 1 day, 340 photographers made a reportage method of 30,544 photo frames at 183 points on the map of Russia, reflecting more than 200 thematic facets that characterize our country.

The entire album is here.

Buryatia. Gesar Parking Lot.Buryatia. Ulan-Ude. Aircraft plant. Paint shop.
Buryatia. Ulan-Ude. Datsan "Rinpoche Bagsha".
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