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Photo project by Alexander Vedernikov "Semeiskie".


"Semeiskie" - are descendants of old believers who in the XVII century did not accept the Church's innovations of Patriarch Nikon and became the dissenters in the Russian Orthodox Church. Subsequently, tsarist authority was forcibly relocating their whole families to Siberia, hence the name "Semeiskie" occurred. In spite of persecution and repression, "Semeiskie" were able to break new lands, built a strong household and have managed to retain their original culture.
The photographs took place in Buryatia in areas of compact living of "Semeiskie".
Today "Semeiskie" is a disappearing phenomenon. Throughout their 300 year history too many factors have caused the destruction of their traditions, peculiarities of everyday life. Unfortunately, this trend and problem still exists nowdays.
Still, some traditions have survived until now, that is how we can identify the "Semeiskie". The main thing is that the Old Faith, the old Christian traditions and rituals were kept. Today for all of us "Semeiskie" is part of the Russian history and part of Russia nowdays.

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