Cult Wines Raises Seed Funding to Revolutionise the Wine Industry - Wine Industry Advisor

Key Investors Include Former Moet Hennessy Chairman Christophe Navarre and Formula1 Driver Valtteri Bottas

LONDON, UK (June 19, 2023) – Cult Wines, the company forging the future of the wine industry, has announced the successful completion of a seed fundraising round. Leading the round were Christophe Navarre, former CEO and Chairman of Moet Hennessy; Chris Jones, former Blackrock CIO of Global Active Equities; Formula 1 driver Valtteri Bottas; and Reda Bedjaoui, Founder of luxury fintech Privat 3 Money. Navarre and Jones will also join the board as strategic advisors providing world-class leadership and guidance to propel the company’s growth. This strategic injection of funds will fuel the company’s aggressive growth trajectory, including supporting technological infrastructure, scaling the recently launched CultX, and continued investment in data. Cult Wines was advised by Akur Capital, the company’s independent corporate financial adviser. Big Data

Cult Wines Raises Seed Funding to Revolutionise the Wine Industry - Wine Industry Advisor

Since its establishment in 2007, Cult Wines has aspired to revolutionize the fine wine market by enhancing its accessibility and transparency. By investing heavily in its product and service offerings, the company has successfully addressed key market challenges that have historically inhibited the growth of the market, like price transparency, liquidity and accessibility to the market. Cult Wines now features two innovative platforms: Cult Wine Investment, which reshapes consumer wine investment through a managed portfolio service, and CultX, a leading-edge digital trading platform that heightens market price transparency.

“This investment is indicative of our unwavering commitment to redefining the fine wine market,” said Tom Gearing, CEO and Co-Founder at Cult Wines. “As we continue to innovate and expand our global footprint, we remain dedicated to unlocking the full potential of wine as an asset class by investing into technology, robust data and innovative solutions that address the complexities inherent in wine ownership and trading. Each of these investments enhances the market’s accessibility, fostering growth both within our business and the industry alike. The future of wine investment is incredibly bright, and we are poised to be at the forefront of this transformation.”

Cult Wines has charted an impressive growth trajectory, positioning itself as a compelling investment opportunity. In 2022, gross sales revenue topped £90m, a 32% y-o-y increase. The company currently manages £290m worth of fine wine assets (a 45% increase year on year).

“We are thrilled to partner with one of London’s most successful entrepreneurs,” said Christophe Navarre, former CEO and Chairman of Moet Hennessy. “As a disruptive force in an age-old industry dominated by traditional players, I see great potential for Cult Wines as they have already demonstrated a unique ability to leverage their expertise and drive value for investors in an ever-evolving market. As alternative investments continue to gain momentum, I believe Cult Wines will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the fine wine market.”

This funding round, the first for the company, is aimed at bringing key industry players on board as advisors and advocates. It validates Cult Wines’ success in the category and overall strategy and growth, thereby bringing new audiences into what many still consider an exclusive category.

Formula 1 star Bottas, a long-standing Cult Wine Investment client, harbours a deep passion for fine wines. Recognizing the potential for both enjoyment and investment in fine wine, Bottas became an investor to seize the opportunity to be part of the promising growth of the company and the category. His affinity for wine has grown alongside his racing career, as he frequently celebrates his victories with a well-deserved glass of exceptional vintage. As an investor and ambassador for Cult Wines, Bottas will utilize his discerning palate and unwavering enthusiasm to support the scale of the company while simultaneously indulging in one of his greatest passions.

“In the cockpit, precision and passion drive every decision, every manoeuvre. This holds true for the world of wine as well. Investing in Cult Wines was a natural extension of my love of wine. It’s a chance to be part of a company whose values echo my own, a company that recognizes the beauty, the skill and the potential in every bottle, just as I strive to extract every ounce of potential from my car on the track,” noted Bottas.

Navarre and Jones join the board as strategic advisors, bringing their impressive collective experience to bear. Navarre’s leadership and contributions to the drinks and luxury industry have earned him a reputation as a visionary leader. While serving as President and CEO of Moët Hennessy, he oversaw the company’s global expansion and growth, significantly increasing revenue and acquiring several other premium beverage brands. Jones has four decades of experience in financial services and is currently Principal at CMVJ Capital. He previously held various senior roles at Blackrock and JPMorgan Investment.

Bedjaoui, a longstanding client of Cult Wines and founder of luxury fintech firm Privat 3 Money, has deep expertise in luxury and digital finance. His investment in Cult Wines is particularly fitting, following the recent launch of a securities trading app and his affinity for leveraging the potential of alternative assets like fine wine.

Founded in 2007, Cult Wines is forging the future foundations of the fine wine market by creating products and experiences that unlock opportunities for producers and consumers. Empowering people through technology, data and access to a global community, Cult Wines endeavours to re-define the fine wine market – making it accessible, secure and rewarding. Headquartered in the UK, Cult Wines has offices in Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Japan and the US. For more information, please visit or find us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.    

About Cult Wine Investment

Cult Wine Investment, the world’s leading fine wine collection and investment management company, is setting a new industry standard. The award-winning company, which manages a fine wine collection worth more than £290m GBP, makes collecting and investing in fine wine as enjoyable and rewarding as the wine itself. Combining a love of fine wine and market-leading industry knowledge with the latest technology, Cult Wine Investment analyses and unlocks the market for clients around the world. Wine collectors and investors alike choose Cult Wine Investment not merely for the extensive financial expertise, but for the shared passion for fine wine, and access to likeminded wine lovers, renowned experts, exclusive events and bespoke experiences. Headquartered in the UK, Cult Wine Investment was founded in 2007 and has offices in Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the US supporting clients in more than 80 countries. For more information, please visit or find us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

CultX is the leading-edge digital trading platform for buying, selling and collecting investment grade fine wine with over £200m of the world’s most prestigious wines available to bid on. The mobile and web-based trading app provides users with all the tools they need to build, track and manage a fine wine portfolio with real-time data and live markets at their fingertips, instantly and easily. Boasting ten years of historical data and current pricing information from Wine-Searcher, the platform provides the most accurate price record for each of the hundred thousand wines available to search on the platform.  CultX brings together a global community of tech savvy traders and fine wine enthusiasts, offering unmatched liquidity opportunities with immediate ownership and total transparency. To start trading, please visit and find us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Akur Capital is a leading independent Corporate Finance and Equity Capital Markets adviser, based in London, and advising clients globally in consumer, tech and real assets.

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Cult Wines Raises Seed Funding to Revolutionise the Wine Industry - Wine Industry Advisor

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